Weston Bible Week: STOP PRESS

Created on Monday, 03 July 2017 09:54
Written by Super User

Over many years, a small council of leaders has prayerfully worked to provide congregations in the area with Biblical teaching from national and international speakers.

Some of you reading this have faithfully supported these events and will hopefully agree that we have all been, I believe, blessed by God as a result. Members of the council have come and gone over time, but in recent times it has proved impossible to fill the gaps, to the point where, with only one member left, we have taken the decision to draw things to a close.

My own experience, as the surviving member, goes back to the mid 60’s with a marquee in Clarence Park, and my disappointment will doubtless match yours. Times, expectations and opportunities change over the years, as does God’s leading, and perhaps a different model is needed for current and future generations.

We do however thank you for your support. So we praise God for the impact that Bible Week has had since at least 1965. We also pray that the podcasts of past speakers, which will still be available on the website, will go on being an excellent resource to all who will listen.  To God be the Glory !

The small  balance of funds we have is being used to fund the website and podcasts for a further year with the rest donated to the Bible Society.

Geoff Hobden (Chair)